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Cahiers du Centre de logique

The collection "Cahiers du Centre de logique" is the continuation of the publication with the same name that was previously edited by the "Centre de logique" of the "Université catholique de Louvain". Concrete proposals for volumes will be submitted to the approval of the editorial board.

Series Editor: M. Crabbé

Editorial Board: D. Batens (Gent), M. Crabbé (Louvain-la-Neuve), Ph. de Groote (Nancy), D. Dzierzgowski, T. E. Forster (Cambridge), R. Hinnion (Bruxelles), M. R. Holmes (Boise), Th. Lucas (Louvain-la-Neuve), J. Meheus (Gent), Chr. Michaux (Mons), A. Pétry (Liège).

Typesetting: D. Dzierzgowski

Secretary: D. Servais

Publisher: Academia-L'Harmattan

  • Cahier 16
    Proceedings of the 70th anniversary NF meeting in Cambridge, ed. by M. CRABBÉ and T. E. FORSTER
  • Cahier 15
    La conception sémantique de la vérité d'Alfred Tarski à Jaakko Hintikka, by S. RICHARD.
  • Cahier 14
    Logica in communicatie, by K. DE CLERCQ.
  • Cahier 13
    Une théorie positive des ensembles, by O. ESSER.
  • Cahier 12
    Aspects de la dualité en mathématique, by P. VAN PRAAG.
  • Cahier 11
    Definability in Arithmetics and Computability, by C. MICHAUX.
  • Cahier 10 (out of print) — consult this volume [PDF]
    Naive Set Theory with a Universal Set, by M. R. HOLMES.
  • Cahier 9consult this volume [PDF]
    Méthodes et analyse non-standard, edited by A. PÉTRY.
  • Cahier 8
    The Curry-Howard Isomorphism, edited by Ph. DE GROOTE.
  • Cahier 7 (out of print)
    L'antifondation en logique et en théorie des ensembles, edited by R. HINNION.
  • Cahier 6 (out of print) — consult this volume [PDF]
    Logique et informatique.
  • Cahier 5 (out of print)
    Quine's New Foundations (An introduction), by T. E. FORSTER.
  • Cahier 4 (out of print) — consult this volume [PDF]
    La théorie des ensembles de Quine.
  • Cahier 3 (out of print)
    Forcing et sémantique de Kripke-Joyal, par J. L. MOENS.
  • Cahier 2 (out of print)
    Textes de J. Pieters.
  • Cahier 1 (out of print) — consult this volume [PDF]
    Intuitionnisme et théorie de la démonstration.


  • Cahier 17. One Hundred Years of Axiomatic Set Theory, ed. by R. HINNION and Th. LIBERT.
  • Th. LIBERT, More studies on the axiom of comprehension.

We would be glad to read any suggestion for a next volume of our Cahiers. Please contact us.


March 3, 2014