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  Graduate Seminar in Logic & Philosophy of Science


Sonja Smets
Gabriel Sandu
Thierry Libert 

The success of the last Young Researchers Days has given us the idea to start this seminar series and to direct it especially to young researchers in Belgium who are active in Logic and Philosophy of Science.

The seminar will meet on Thursdays, at the Royal Academy, according to the following program:

November 13th, 17H30-19H00: Prof. E. Zardini, First-Order Tolerant Logics, Prigogine room;
December 4th: 17H30-19H00: Prof. J. Cantwell,
The Semantic Effects of Suppositions, Bordet room;
December 11th: 18H00-19H30: Prof. J. Hintikka,
The Right Logic is First-Order Logic, Prigogine room;
December 18th: 17H30-19H00: Prof. A. Baltag
Talking Your Way into Agreement: "Preference Merge" as "Group Belief Revision" by Communication, Prigogine room.

This event is supported by:
  • Le Centre National de Recherche de Logique (CNRL) / Nationaal Centrum voor Navorsingen in de Logica (NCNL)